Best-selling author of
Beauty As It Is

Carlota Rodriguez-Benito is a dynamic writer who invites reflection,
with extensive experience in multicultural environments.

About her

Having lived in seven countries, and traveled to thirty six, she has developed and innate curiosity that lead her works and professional space every day.


Carlota grew up being an elite ballerina attending Russian ballet schools for 14 years. This brought her a strong sense of belonging, discipline and important constant growing up in an everchanging environment.


Writing her first book, Beauty As It Is, allowed her to discover and share many of the answers she was looking for in her internal quest for the true perception of beauty. She believes in the inner beauty that a person radiates.


Carlota always knew that she had more to share, that’s why se decided to write her second book: LUXE 4Z: Shaping a Landscape for Luxury in 2040, as she is always looking into the future and aims to be one step ahead.


Carlota is now the current Head of Innovation at CHANEL in Spain & Portugal, where she leads a team that catalyzes and accelerates innovative initiatives in the heart of the business and continues to broaden her knowledge on holistic and inclusive beauty day after day.


She is a refers to herself as a passionate optimist about the future and yet has a special fondness for history and tradition, making the intersection of innovation, the future, and the luxury industry the perfect formula.